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Pop Up Display

Pop-up displays are one of the most common types of trade show backdrops or booth graphics used today. Pop up displays are portable and light weight, allowing you to transport them with ease and to reuse them.

Using an overlaminate will ensure that your pop-up display is scuff and scratch resistant and holds up with repeated use.  High-quality materials such as Jet Guard® Deep Crystal, Print Shield® Floor Guard® and Print Shield® Polycarbonate provide superior protection while keeping your end product thin enough to easily roll and store.  

Solution Laminate / Top Hot / Cold Print Media Adhesive / Bottom Substrate Process

Print Shield® Polycarbonate


NoLite 370 LX


Single Side Lamination

Standard Floor Guard® / Print Shield® Floor Guard®  Hot / Cold

Easy Panel 430 (or 430 LX)


N/A Single Sided Lamination
Economy Jet Guard® Deep Crystal  Hot Easy Panel 310 (or 310 LX) N/A N/A Single Sided Lamination

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