Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are the perfect solution for simple, short-term promotions such as sales promotions, sporting events, grand openings and more. Banners are easy to create, and their flexibility makes rolling them up for transportation and storing hassle-free.

For the best vinyl banners, print to PVC Premium Frontlit that is both fungus and UV resistant or Gotham PVC Blockout for double sided printing, curl resistance and protection from light. 

Print Shield® Standard, Print Guard® UV and Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti are ideal laminates to use for added protection. Choose Print Guard® UV if your banner will be outside to prevent fading.  Print Shield®Anti-Graffiti is best in situations where the banner may be exposed to graffiti or other vandalism.

Solution Laminate / Top Hot / Cold Print Media Adhesive / Bottom Substrate Process

Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti


Gotham PVC Blockout


Single Side Lamination

Standard Print Shield® Standard / Print Guard® UV Cold / Hot

Vinyl Banner Material


N/A Single Side Lamination

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