Flexible Displays

Used for both short-term and long-term applications, flexible displays are graphics mounted to a flexible, non-rigid substrate such as Sintra. Flexible displays are best used for merchandising presentations, trade show booths and other long-term indoor displays. Laminates like Print Shield® Base, Print Shield® Polycarbonate and Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti work well with flexible substrates, allowing the applications to be easily stored without sacrificing quality.

Use an economical Print Shield® Base laminate when a quick turnaround is required. Select the premium solutions, such as Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti, to provide durability, prevent wear and provide protection against vandalism.

Solution Laminate / Top Hot / Cold Print Media Adhesive / Bottom Substrate Process

Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti


Satin Photo Paper

Print Mount® Ultra / Plus Sintra


Standard Print Shield® Polycarbonate Cold

Satin Photo Paper

Print Mount® White / Delta

Sintra Decaling
Economy Print Shield® Base Cold MightyGrip N/A Sintra Decaling

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