Rigid Displays

Rigid displays are graphics that are mounted to a rigid, non-flexible substrate, such as foam board, gator board or other ridgid substrates. Due to their stability, rigid displays are great for applications like merchandising displays, trade show booths and other long-term, indoor displays. SEAL offers a variety of laminates for rigid displays that fulfill your application demands, including Print Shield® Base and Print Shield Floor Guard. 

To achieve the most premium look, use Print Shield® Floor Guard® with Satin Photo Paper and mount to a rigid substrate with Print Mount® Ultra/Plus adhesive. This combination will protect against finger prints and wear-and-tear as well as ensure the most opacity for a professional looking graphic.

Solution Laminate / Top Hot / Cold Print Media Adhesive / Bottom Substrate Process

Print Shield® Floor Guard


Satin Photo Paper

Print Mount® Ultra
Gator Board


Standard Jet Guard® UV Matte Hot

Satin Photo Paper

Print Mount® White / Delta

Foam Board Decaling
Economy Print Shield® Base Cold MightyGrip N/A Foam Board Decaling

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