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Poster displays are an affordable way to draw in customers and keep their attention. Laminating your poster will increase the value of your display by protecting your image and by making colors appear more vibrant. Choose from a variety of SEAL laminates including ThermaShield®, Jet Guard® UV and Print Shield ® Base Textured Matte to produce laminated posters that are eye-catching and durable.

When selecting the best over-laminate for your display, consider how much exposure to sunlight the poster will receive.  If your poster will be indoors without direct sunlight, an economy solution will be suitable. However, if your poster will be exposed to direct sunlight outdoors or indoors, you’ll need the UV protection from a more premium product. 

Solution1 Laminate / Top Hot / Cold Print Media Adhesive / Bottom Substrate Process

Print Shield® Base Textured Matte


White Film Media


Single Side Lamination

Standard Jet Guard® UV Hot

NoLite 165


N/A Single Sided Lamination
Economy ThermaShield® Hot Heavyweight coated paper ThermaShield® N/A Encapsulation

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