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Pressure-sensitive mounting adhesives
SEAL Print Mount®
You’ll be spoiled for choice with this diverse family of Pressure-Sensitive Mounting Adhesives. Choose from five distinct formulations for your most demanding indoor or outdoor applications.

Print Mount Ultra is a high-tack solvent-based acrylic adhesive with a white carrier to prevent dark colored substrates from bleeding through thin digital media. It is perfect for mounting to black rigid boards, i.e. Gatorfoam®, and low surface energy plastics such as polystyrene and Sintra®.

Print Mount Plus is a permanent solvent-based acrylic adhesive with a clear, one mil polyester carrier. This adhesive is ideal for mounting to rigid substrates that will not bow or flex.

Print Mount White is a permanent water-based acrylic adhesive with a white
carrier to prevent bleed through when mounting thin prints or media to black or dark colored substrates.

Print Mount Delta is a “hot melt”, high tack permanent adhesive. It is best suited for mounting reprographic and digital prints on coated bond paper to white paper-based foam board and card stock. It has a clear polyester carrier and high-release liner for easy handling.

Print Mount DualTemp is a permanent, clear, polyester mounting adhesive that feature a 2.0 mil extruded copolymer low-melt adhesive on one side, and a 1.0 mil pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive on the other. A clear polyester liner is used to protect the pressure sensitive adhesive.

Economical Print Mount Dual Temp allows you to easily create a pressure-sensitive decal and thermally encapsulate your image in one pass through a roller laminator.

Print Mount Removable is a clear, permanent/ removable mounting adhesive that permanently bonds to your print while providing a secure yet removable bond to floors and other surfaces.
It is ideal for short-term floor graphics that need to be removed cleanly from the floor or surface after a promotion ends.

Print Mount 831 is a long-fiber paper carrier ideal for small, manual applications, large images, as well as for mounting irregular media, such as canvas, to rigid substrates.

OptiMount Ultra
You can see the difference with OptiMount Ultra. This film is an optically clear, double sided mounting adhesive that delivers outstanding performance when used for mounting images to clear plexi-glass or glass.

Create high quality display pieces or prevent back-lit displays from sagging by mounting your image face down with OptiMount Ultra. This exceptional product also has UV protection to extend the life of your print by preventing fading due to UV exposure.

SEAL’s OptiMount adhesive is an economically-priced double-sided, pressure-sensitive, water-based adhesive with a clear carrier that creates a permanent bond to both graphics and substrates. Ideal for face mounting inkjet, photographic or paper media to clear acrylics, plastics and glass. It does not provide any UV inhibitors but is ideal for use in backlit displays and vented light box applications.

Eco Mount is an economical, clear, carrier-free, permanent mounting adhesive. By eliminating the carrier this mounting adhesive becomes environmentally degradeable and recyclable, yet performs as well as more traditional adhesives. Eco Mount is recommended for use with flexible substrates, pre-coating board or in combination with SEAL Eco Board to reduce the impact graphics have on the environment.

gudy window by SEAL is a water-based mounting adhesive that can be applied to the face of a graphic and then face-mounted on interior windows. Its 1 mil clear polyester carrier has a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other.

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