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Introducing the NEW SEALŪ Sign Coater System from SEALŪ – a low-cost liquid coating system for indoor/outdoor signs and banners. The NEW SEAL Sign Coater applies a smooth and even finish, to enhance and protect graphics from abrasion, water and chemicals.

No mess, no odor – this environmentally safe system is easy to clean after use and requires no special ventilation, making it totally safe in any working environment.The SEAL Sign Coater Solution combines a 54” automated sheet-fed coater, with a clear coat system comprising a gloss liquid laminate which cleans up with water. No need to mop or spray in order to protect and enhance your graphics – use this quick and easy system for professional results, every time!

SEAL Sign Coater
Automate your graphic production with this uniquely effective coater for laminating signs and banners with ease.
• One model - for coating up to 54” prints
• Designed for use with prints using solvent based inks on uncoated vinyl and banner material.
• Ideal for short or long runs.
• Applies a smooth, consistent finish.
• Supplied with a stand for easy mobility.
• Quick to install - no special equipment, electronics, or ventilation system needed.
• Easy to operate - no special training required
• Simple cleaning - quick and easy 30 minute process when your job is complete, without removing any parts.
SEAL Sign Coater Liquids
• Available in gloss finish
• Offers durability up to two years on uncoated cast, calendared or banner materials
• Environmentally friendly, odor-free formulation with low VOC levels
• Compatible with solvent ink technology
• Liquid is dry to the touch in 15- 30 minutes or less (varies according to material /substrate and environmental conditions) and is ‘cured’ in 24 hours
• One year shelf life
• Water-based formulation

Product CodeDescription
63155 54” Automated Sheet Coater
62630 Clear Coat System (2 Gallons Liquid Laminate)

See what others have to say.............
“We’re very happy with our SEAL Sign Coater. Lately, we’ve been using it to coat vehicle
wraps for trailers, and some pretty long banners. Automated application makes the job easy
and there’s no mess. You just can’t leave a job half done. The SEAL Sign Coater finishes
the job with a durable coating that ensures our work will look great for a long time. It gives
you confidence knowing your work is safe, and your customers are happy. No shop should
be without one.”

-Doug Edwards, Edwards Sign & Screen Printing
Owosso, MI (989) 725-2988

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